Large Group Facilitation

Large Group Facilitation2019-03-19T15:03:01+00:00

From conferences to team building there are times you need to bring large teams and groups from your organisation together.

We use methodologies including World Café, Open Space and other innovative and creative group process to achieve the outcomes you need. We work in partnership with you to define what success looks like and plan each stage of the intervention. The Futuration team bring years of experience working globally with diverse groups to create high energy participative sessions which consistently receive great feedback.

“Mary has delivered many projects as an associate consultant for First100 Ltd. Our clients value Mary’s integrity and sincerity as well as the expertise she brings to leadership development. We value Mary for the professionalism she brings to her role and for the added value she brings to our organisation in terms of advice. Mary continues to be a valued consultant for First100 Ltd and I am very pleased to recommend her work.”

Garrett O’Keeffe, Senior Director, SolarWinds