Futuration Ltd is a team of highly qualified and experienced Organisation Development Consultants who are passionate about helping companies to create a future of sustainable growth.

Futuration is a combination of the words Future and Creation. Futuration Ltd. was set up by Mary Lynch who has worked with Fortune 500 and blue chip companies in Ireland, Europe and the US for the last nineteen years. Mary is a talented facilitator who thrives on helping clients to find the right solution for their organisation’s challenges. Mary has a keen interest in helping organisations to create cultures which are fit for purpose and which will take the company into the future.

Our company values are:

  • Clarity

  • Honesty

  • Practicality

  • Getting things done

We bring these values to everything we do with our clients by providing clear and honest diagnostic feedback, outlining practical solutions and working in partnership to get the right outcomes for the business. The Futuration team is diverse and each person brings different solutions to different challenges for the organisation.

“I have experienced Mary as a trainer and personal mentor. Mary is an inspirational and thought provoking leadership guru. She commits and invests fully in those she is developing and I have seen more people have absolute light bulb moments about their leadership style under her guidance than any other. On a practical level she is meticulously organised and thorough and on a personal level she is wonderfully warm and supportive. Very simply, Mary makes a difference!”

Emer Mc Ginley, WWCS Director of Continuous Improvement Amazon